Monday, February 28, 2011

Dinner with a side of the Oscars

Earlier in the week R1 put in a special request for dinner.

Hubs' fried shrimp, home made french fries, and fried okra. I can honestly I was thrilled with his choice. I love it when Hubs' cooks this meal.

So yesterday afternoon Hubs' began the preparation for this meal while I my mouth watered for the next two hours.

Fried shrimp-YUM!

Home made french fries and fried okra.

Fried pickles-The best yet!

And lastly- hush puppies

I know you're jealous. And now you know why I was salivating for two hours. I fixed my plate and then proceeded to plop my butt down in the chair and watch the Oscars. I don't know what it is about award shows right now but I feel as if I have to watch them all.

Oh and if anyone has a shop vac I can borrow to suck all the fat out of my arteries please let me now, I'm sure my future cardiologist will appreciate it.


Amy said...

I'd love to watch the Oscars with you, especially if all that yumminess is involved!

Tater Mama said...

Oh my goodness! That meal sounds and looks divine! I love hushpuppies more than any human!