Monday, December 27, 2010

Nothing says Christmas like...

1. The sound of Nerf gun bullets whizzing by your face. My house is officially a war zone. There are green and orange bullets all over.

2. The sound of boys laughing as they are pelting each other with the Nerf bullets.

3. The sound of new video games being played and new movies being watched. The new games this year were: NBA Jam, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem, Rock Band 3 and Epic Mickey. The new movies were Toy Story 3 (of course) and Despicable Me.

4. New clothes that get pulled out of the box and tossed on the floor like they could care less but can't wait to wear that new shirt the next day.

5. The sound of everyone snoring after all the presents have been opened and Christmas lunch has been eaten.

I hope everyone had blessed holiday. I know I sure did.


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