Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm over the crying at Toy Story 3

Right now it's 7:31pm and my family is already in their PJ's, well everyone but me and they are settling down.

R1 is on the couch wrapped in a blanket and Hubs and R2 are on the recliner.

The funny part in all of this is R2 is actually just about asleep. His head keeps bobbing from one side to the other.

It's the cutest thing ever.

And the plan is when he's asleep for a while, Hub's is going to put him in his bed so he and R1 can spend some quality time together.

You know playing video games. Because nothing says quality time like playing NBA JAM.

And me well I think I'm just gonna climb in my bed and snuggle up with Toy Story 3 for the one millionth time, only this time I just might cry at the end, like I did the first time I saw the movie. But only because I won't hear the following monologue.

Child: Mom are you crying?

Me: Nope, as I fight back tears.

Child: Yes you are! (Said with a huge smile)

Me: No I'm over crying at this movie. We've watched it enough so now I'm numb to it.

Child: No you're not....you're CRYING! DAD!!!...mom's crying!!

Me: OK just pass me the tissues please!


Brooke said...

i watched it for the first time this weekend. i shed a tear or two, but didn't weep. a major victory for me! :P

{amy} said...

I actually didn't cry. I don't know why, because I usually do!