Monday, August 23, 2010

Sick the first day of school

I really had another post ready to put all I had to do was insert a picture of the boys on their first day of school.

But R2 was sick all day yesterday. Like the throwing up kind of sick. Like he is going to miss his first day of kindergarten sick.

I changed the sheets on my bed twice and we moved our bed room and the living room couch with a small trash can in tow.

I felt so sorry for him. He couldn't even keep water down.

Not a great way to start off the new school. Missing his big debut of going to kindergarten on the very first day of school.

My in laws are here and they are going to stay home with R2, while take R1 to school.

I was really looking forward to taking R2 to school with R1.

So boys,

I love you both! R2 I hope you feel better soon. And R1 I hope you have a great first day and an awesome school year!!


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{amy} said...

Aw! I hate that he missed his 1st day of Kindergarten. Poor little guy! I hope he gets to feeling better soon!