Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Blink...I got married.

Blink...3 years later I had my first child.

Blink...My baby turned one.

Blink...3 1/2 after that I had my second child. Blinked again that same year and first child started kindergarten.

Blink...My second baby turned one.


Days and years started to fly by and my babies were growing up.

Life became full of school and homework, baseball, basketball, school programs, daily lunches, field trips, weekend get aways, family visits, holidays, summer vacations, and so much more.

But now I blinked again and my youngest baby is starting kindergarten in a few weeks.

I am a little sad. But I have to admit I am excited too.

And I am sure the next time I blink my youngest baby will in 5th grade and my oldest will in high school.



Dawn said...

Yep... I just blinked and my oldest is entering his senior year of high school and my baby is starting her freshman year of high school. I don't know how this happened - especially since I'm NOT OLD ENOUGH to have kids of these ages! Haha!

Brooke said...

i know what you mean. jay and i will have known each other 4 years this fall. in one way it seems like just yesterday but in another it seems like there hasn't been a time he hasn't been a part of my life

cfoxes33 said...

Yep, it happens that quick. I can believe how quickly it goes.

Beth Cotell said...

Happy Birthday to the littlest R!

It seems to me that the older we get the quicker it goes!