Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And they're off, the braces that is

R1 has come to the middle of his orthodontic adventure.

He got his braces off yesterday. He didn't even have them on for a year.

The orthodontist said his teeth were to a point where they needed to come off. And he was going to give him a break till the remainder of his permanent teeth come in.

Once they did he would put the braces back on. Which is why we are in the middle of this ortho adventure.

Another great thing the doctor said was his teeth wouldn't shift to much during this process so he wouldn't need a retainer.

Don't you think they look great?


Brooke said...

i was about to call him a lucky dog. i had my braces for 3 years! but i never had to get them put back on. blech.

cfoxes33 said...

Looking good. But he's not done?

{amy} said...

Yay! At least he gets a break! I grew up with a girl who had braces from 2nd thru 8th grade. That's just TOO long!