Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steak 'n Shake

While in Dallas we found our new favorite restaurant.

Steak 'n Shake.

This place is set up like a 1950's soda shop. And it serves up just like it's name...steak burgers and and hand spun shakes.

And they were FABULOUS!!

Even better the four of us all ate for about $25.00, including tip.

Hubs ordered a shake called the side by side. In the same glass was half banana, his choice, and half chocolate, again his choice. It was wonderful.

I had the strawberry, R1 had the Cookies 'n Cream, and R2 had the Mint Chocolate Chip. Each one was just as good as the next.

I had the Guacamole Burger with fries. It's a thin steak burger with fresh made guac on top. It was so yummy!

The fries are extra thin cut and served with out any seasoning. You get to put the amount of salt or pepper on them you want. Me I put just a little salt and enough pepper and then squirted ketchup all over them.

I don't know which was better the burger or the fries.

I see several trips to Houston in our future as there are no Steak 'n Shakes here.

And just to add to your already watering mouth, here are a few pictures.

Notice there are no pictures of the burgers and fries. Hate to say it but we were starving they looked so good when the brought them out, we scarfed them up!


Brooke said...

yum! i don't think we have any of those around here. i'll have to look for one on vacation

cfoxes33 said...

We have several here! I feel lucky now. I thought they were everywhere. We love their shakes way too much!

{amy} said...

I've only been once years ago, & I only remember getting the yummy shake! I think I need to go again!