Friday, July 9, 2010

Staying cool and wearing a bulls eye

While at R1's world series R2 decided he was to hot and needed to cool off. And this is how he decided to do so.

And R1 is on his way to setting the recording for being hit the most. He has been hit in the helmet, leg, back, and dare I say his behind at least once since the series started a few days ago.

Right now he has three bruises.

Here are a few of his bruises and well the other, like I said his behind. And I'm not taking any pictures of that!

It has almost become comical. He gets hit, just looks where he got hit and runs for first.

Another mom says he has a bulls eye on him. And I just tell him WAY TO WEAR IT BABE!!


Brooke said...

ouch! brave guy you got there!

Hubs said...

Add one more from this mornings game. Right on the foot.

{amy} said...

Yikes! Poor thing! & apparently he's had one more & counting...I think we'd get along well, only I get my bruises from being a klutz!!

cfoxes33 said...

Totally taking them for the team! I love a kid that can do that and cry! Momma can cry for him.