Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raising funds

Baseball season is just about over for R1.

I have mixed emotions about this. It has been a very long season and I am ready to get back to some kind of normal that doesn't revolve around practices, lessons, and tournaments. On the other hand, I love baseball. I love to be at the games, hear the sounds, smell the turf cooking. Just kidding on the last one. Burning turf is just nasty.

Anyway, we had one last fund raiser to help defer some of the cost we will incur in a few weeks.

And much to our surprise, we raised over a thousand dollars in three hours! I think the adults were just as shocked at the kids. We were all pumped!

R2 even got in on the action. He held up a poster and smiled that sweet smile of his. What he didn't know was the sign was upside down. That got people to give even more because they got tickled just watching him.

So a big thank you to everyone who came out and gave. We appreciate it and hope we make you proud.



Brooke said...

a big ^5 on the fundraiser success!!

{amy} said...

Awesome! Y'all raised that much by holding up signs for donations?! That's great!

Unknown said...

Good for you and the team! YAY for baseball boys : )

cfoxes33 said...

That is terrific! Now we are starting Band fund raisers! Oh joy!