Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of the lasts

Last night around 8:30 Space Shuttle Atlantis was docked to the International Space Station and flew right over my house.

Hubs, being the awesome science teacher he is, knew all the information and had all of us in the front yard waiting.

But he made the mistake of telling R2 about this around 7pm and we spent the next hour and a half with him asking, "Is it time yet?" All while he was looking out the window.

Anyway, I was the first in to see the shuttle. And I don't know why but I completely amazed with how fast it was flying. It took all of two minutes to come into view, fly over, and the proceed on past my house.

While actually not seeing anything it was very nostalgic to see it. It was one of the last three missions for the space shuttle program.

It's hard to believe that the space shuttle program is coming to an end. I was around 10 when the program started.

There are possibly two more chances to see the shuttle fly over before they are retired. And you can bet I will standing in my front yard waiting.


Brooke said...

so fast - no wonder R2 was afraid to miss it!

cfoxes33 said...

That is really a cool event!