Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm married again.

Last week I mentioned I needed to pick up my wedding ring from the jewelers. I had dropped it off almost a week ago for some minor repairs.

Hubs and I have been married for thirteen years this year in September. In the beginning I was faithful in taking it in every few months to have the setting checked and cleaned. But now not so much.

After wearing it for so long I wore out the shank, the bottom part, it just became very thin. And one day after disciplining R2 the bottom cracked.

I waited almost three months before taking it in. I always feel naked when not wearing my wedding ring.

That and Hubs teases me relentlessly. Mostly by saying things like, "Look were not married!" Or "Time to party, I'm not married anymore!"

It doesn't even phase me. I just keep right one going. So after a week of not having my ring, the jewelers finally called to say it was ready.

I picked it up on Friday afternoon. And went home and told Hubs the party was over! We were back to being married.

Oh and no more spanking with my bare hand. We now use a paddle that says "Heat for the seat apply as needed"!

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Brooke said...

i've never had my rings cleaned or checked. the store jay bought it from is out of state and i don't know who to take it to around here.