Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiya!

Well not really the roof but there was a fire in the third grade hall at Hubs' and R1 school Monday.

And yes the retro theme is still going strong.

Smoke started to pour out of the A/C vents and into the class rooms.

I get a text message around 12:30 that reads...

Fire at school, everyone out side no one hurt.

My first thought was OK no one is hurt, He and R1 are fine. My next thought is what the heck happened and what were they going to do about Taks Testing the next day.

It ended up that an A/C unit had burned up, and it never really caught fire, it just produced a ton of smoke. So much so the fire department had to bust out a few windows to vent the rooms.

But by 4:30 Monday afternoon, the A/C unit had been replaced along with the windows. Talk about fast.

The school didn't need any water to stop the smoke and I'm also glad nothing burned.

Can you just imagine that mess!


Brooke said...

you are on fiya! with these titles :P

glad no one was hurt. maybe one of the kids prayed to get out of school that day and God obliged? ;)

Hubs said...

Or maybe one of the teachers prayed to get out of school that day [Wink,Wink]

cfoxes33 said...

Never a dull moment!