Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tooth Fairy

So R1 had been on this orthodontist adventure for 7 months.

And I have to say there been a huge improvement. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. But more important R1 couldn't be happier with the way his teeth look. Even with all the metal.

Through the course of this adventure, R1 has lost several teeth.

The only difference is with braces I have to perform what I call minor ortho work. I have clip the super small rubber band that holds the wire to the bracket which is cemented on his tooth.

Once that is done, the wire falls out of the bracket and the tooth just falls out.

Or it should.

Last night R1 had a tooth that needed to be pulled. It was loose but it just didn't want to fall out so he just reached up and pulled it. He just looked at me and smiled a half bloody smile and said I did it mom!

So the tooth fairy paid our house a visit and left him five dollars. Guess she thought pulling your own tooth was worth more than it just falling out.

And I think I have to agree.


Brooke said...

i totally wouldn't pull my own tooth for $5. brave kid!

Unknown said...

I think that is great! Wow! : ) He is so brave! I think Kaish is going to need braces soon. His dentist keeps saying we should wait though. Does it hurt him a lot?