Thursday, April 22, 2010

The dairy Dog Farmer

Tuesday night Hubs and I were watching The Pacific, which is on HBO and is completely awesome. If you liked Band of Brothers you will love this!

Anyway Cookie and I were sitting in the chair. Every night I sit in the recliner and she jumps sits down right in between my legs.

R2 comes in to give me one last hug and kiss before going to bed. Then he leans over and gives Cookie her hug and pat good night.

Then he says hey mom, I know how to milk a dog.

Hubs and I just look at him and then bust out laughing.

R2 then he says just like this. As he proceeds to reach under her and act like he is squeezing her nipples.

Guess he was paying attention when we went on a field trip to The South Texas State Fair.


Brooke said...

reminds me of the movie meet the parents "you can milk anything with nipples"

cfoxes33 said...

Sounds like something Son would say!

On the Ortho Adventure...Really, you have to go ahead and pull the teeth? Son has 3 more teeth to come out before Dr. Ortho will even touch his teeth. One has come out actually. The other 2, he is trying to wiggle out.