Friday, July 17, 2009

Musical beds

So last night at some point both boys ended up in my bed.

Hubs and I have a queen size bed. And while it's just right for the two of us, it becomes quite crowded with four.

And when it was time for the boys to go get in there own beds, R4 said that my bed is the best bed and proceeded to cry over and over that he wouldn't be comfy in his own bed.

What is it about being parents that makes our bed the most comfortable in the house?

And I also notice when one of the boys has a cough, I put them in bed with us and the coughing stops. What's up with that.

I would love a king size bed for nights like last night but I'm afraid if I get one the boys will think it's a slumber party and migrate over every night.

Any one else have this problem?


Brooke said...

no kids here - but i love my king sized bed! :)

we gave it to my sister & bil when they spend the night since they'd have my 5 year old niece and 1 year old nephew in the bed with them.

as much as jay and i like to snuggle, we found the standard size bed way too small!

Beth Cotell said...

I'm probably a horrible mom but we don't let our kids sleep in our bed. There's just not enough room and knowing my kids if they do it a couple of times they will think they can do it whenever they feel like it. Plus I'm a very light sleeper. It just wouldn't be a good thing for us!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I did when mine were little. Seth wanted to sleep with me everynight! He is 19 now and I am happy to report, does NOT want to sleep with me anymore! I finally weened him, but I have to admit, I loved snuggling up with him!

We do have a king size bed, not just a king size but a CALIFORNIA king! It came with Steve, it was his. I do love it, but it is BIG!
Ya'll could all fit in it with room to spare!

Lou Cinda :)

Did you start your job yet?

Unknown said...

Kaishon's bed is my favorite bed in the house! We just got a king size (thank you Lord!) and we put the Queen in Kaishon's room. I just love those matresses. Pillow top bliss : ). Our new matress is nice and the space is heavenly, but it is not quite as nice as the queen. So soft and squishy! Kaish sleeps with us sometimes. It is hard for me to sleep good when he is there. He is a kicker!