Thursday, January 22, 2009

The class project

R8 had a class project. The usually dreaded class project.

The one where you actually have to make something out of something.

I'm the one who handles the class projects around our house. Because we all kno
w when the kids get to school you can always tell who had their mom do their project and who had to do their project themselves.

Sad but it's true.

But this time I turned the tables. I told Hubs he was in charge of this baby. I had
put in my time as project maker helper for the past three years and now it was his turn.

I was even proud that I didn't let my OCD
tendencies get the best of me while they were in the throws of trying to figure out how to put together all the stuff they gathered.

I just kept on telling them both great job, Oh that looks cool, or very creative. While I just sat on the couch reading Breaking Dawn.

Truth of the matter was they were very creative and the project turned out great.

Oh and by the way the class a robot! Yes ma'am, build a robot.

It didn't actually have to work. But it had to have a name and a purpose.

Here is what they came up with.

It's a dog and it doesn't have a name yet but it fetches the paper.

But what I really want to know is can we really make it work to fetch my coffee instead? Can it start my car when it's cold outside to get it all toasty warm? Can it clean my bathrooms?

Now that would be a project that would receive triple A's in my book.


Brooke said...

lol! i was always the kid who's project sucked in comparison b/c i had to do my own. :P

and where can i get one? we don't get the paper, but what about fetching cell phones as they ring?

The Charm House said...

I love the robot... I think it is time for a youtube to see nameless fetch a paper. LOL Life is a joy!!! Anyways and Anywho... Whit is coming home this weekend.. I have missed her and it has not been that long. For some reason she just sounds sad on the phone and sounds like she needs me... Or maybe it is the other way around, I don't know... Can't wait for her to get home!! Maybe it is just the fact that she is going to be turning 21 in a few days and I still see her as my little girl with the warpaint... Think I will do a blog on that. Thanks Beverly! Oh yeah, I think we are putting the house up for sale and moving closer to our store in Lawrenceville!! The drive has been to much on Reid as we get older and I would like to be where I can go to lunch with the girls at the store sometime.

Unknown said...

I am impressed out of my mind : )! Wowser!