Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's only the beginning of the year

It's sad when it's only the beginning of January and you've got nothing great to post about.

You would think with all of the holidays and family togetherness I would have something to blog about.

Right now the only thing going on is R8 is playing a marathon session of Rock Band and R3 is wining about wanting to look as his penny book.

Actually the book is a book containing all of the state quarters which was given to him by Big Guy and Duh-Duh. (the grandparents)

So I think I am going to join R8 and rock till we drop!


The Charm House said...

I feel the same way.... I am trying so hard to find something to blog about! I am going to do The Beautiful Life (look at my sidebar) maybe that will give me something to blog. Anyways... We spent New Years the way we do every year trying to make it, but never making it until 12:00. LOL We go to bed every night at 9:00 and up by 4:00. That's life owning a lumberyard. Can't wait to get my pics of the boys, run to the mailbox everyday!!! Did you forget.... hehehe We have not had a sunny day here in forever!!! SAD

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I second that! it is kind of a non-eventful time of year!
I think everyone feels that way....i hope!

Unknown said...

All I want to know is: Did you win the Guitar Hero championship? I am not that good yet. I can only beat 1 song on easy. Can we still be friends? : ).