Friday, January 9, 2009

Clean up

Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up. Do your share today.

Whoops, I thinking I was in R3's class room at Pre-School.

Actually, I am in clean up mode. I have been cleaning and culling out to the extreme.

I cleaned out the junk drawer, the hall closet, my bedroom closet, and next is the garage!

I really want to start on that this weekend but it will be raining and cold. I can handle cold but not wet and cold. It makes me miserable.

So is anyone else in de-clutter mode or is it just me?


Queen B said...

I'm totally in de-clutter mode. It is driving my family nuts!!

Brooke said...

i'm in the mood to get rid of old/outdated clothing.

plus i'm getting ready for a yard sale!! :)

Unknown said...

Ummmmmmmmm. I need to be in de clutter mode. I really need to be in declutter mode. I have so much stuff. Everywhere. My garage looks look a tornado hit it.

I have been praying for you all week!