Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Great Sickness Of, Who Am I Kidding, We've Started Out Every Year Sick

Yep, we've started off every year for the last six years with someone being sick. The only year we didn't was 2015 and it must have been a fluke. Or we were over exposed to germs after being at Disney during Thanksgiving and we had built up our immunity.

This past week R2 had been feeling under the weather and running a low grade fever. Not enough for him to stay home but just enough for him to feel miserable. By Friday I knew I did not want to go into a long weekend with him sick so I took him to the doctors office. 

Let me say I love our pediatrician. He is amazing and so is his partner. My kids like both of them. There are two other doctors in his practice that I do not feel this way about and lets just leave it at that. So I called the pediatricians office Friday morning and our regular doctor was already booked for the day so I was stuck with one of the less than stellar physicians in the practice. I wasn't happy about it but my priority was R2 so off we went. 

The nurse took all the vitals and then put us in a room where we waited a few minutes before the doctor came in. He listened to R2's breathing and asked me if he had asthma. I said no and he said really? I'm thinking to myself at this point, hello!, you have his chart and if I said he doesn't have asthma and you are hearing something funny please let me know. He says nothing is wrong and to keep doing the over the counter meds we have been using for the past few days. Red flags are going off and I ask are you sure because he doesn't have asthma and if something is wrong we are going into a holiday weekend. He says he's fine and then tells us to have a good day. 

R2's cough just keeps getting worse all weekend and bright and early Monday morning I call the doctors office and make an appointment with our pediatrician. We go into the office at our scheduled time and our doctor checks R2 and out and then says he has bronchial pnenonmia. AWESOME, said no one ever. I thank out doctor and let him know that we were here on Friday and the doctor then didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with him. He apologizes and says a few other things to me and then sends over R2's three prescriptions to the pharmacy we use. 

So R2 now has daily breathing treatments, a steriod pack, and an antibiotic pack. And by last night he was feeling just a little bit better.

All that just say I'm tired of the great sickness. I hate it when my kids are sick and there is nothing I can do but sit with them. I'm ready for some wellness.

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