Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello 2016

Well I think it's safe to say that we have been adjusting to the new year quite nicely. Going back to school/work was a whole other issue but we have adjusted. 

We really enjoyed our two week break. We slept late, watched tv, and ate way too much food. 

The first week of was a flurry of family visits to celebrate the holidays. We had Christmas with my brother and niece on Monday and then on Tuesday we had Christmas with Hubs' side of the family. His parents are getting older and the issues that occur with age make for some hilarious events in our family. 

Wednesday Hubs and I saw the Blue Man Group. All I can about this is if you haven't seen them, you must! 

Thursday was Christmas eve and we attended candle light service at church and then went to the BFF's house for homemade pizzas and desserts. Then it was off to look at Christmas lights. Friday was Christmas where I proceeded to accomplish my goal of staying in my pj's all day. And I'm happy to report, it was glorious. 

And since too many days have passed since then I can not tell you what we did over that weekend. Sorry. 

The second week off was just as busy only it was running the boys to from baseball workouts or returning items that we didn't want. But Thursday everyone came over for some good old fashion grilled hotdogs, snack food, games, and fireworks. Yep that's how we roll on New Year's Eve. Oh and let me just say this, it was so cold while we popped fireworks in the rain that I broke out my portable propane heater that I use while attending baseball games in freezing cold weather. Here's the proof that I stayed nice and toasty warm. 

And once again on New Year's Day I managed to stay in my pj's all day. I think I finally took a shower around 9:00pm only to put on a clean pair of pajamas. 

Oh one other exciting thing that happened is that over the course of the first week I began to get more and more disgusted with our livingroom furniture. I like our couch, it's only two years old but the chairs, not so much. They needed to go. One of them is so old it's been around longer than Hubs and I have been married. So we made a trip to Houston to go look at furniture. I looked around our town but there wasn't anything that spoke to me and said oh I just have to be in your livingroom. And I can say that Hubs and I are now the proud owners of two new livingroom chairs. One chair is a leather power recliner. As R1 says we are fancy since we have a power recliner. Truth be told I would have preferred not to have a power recliner, to me that is just one more thing that can break and what if the power goes out, I can't put my feet up and relax. The other chair is what I call my mama chair. It's got a higher back and is over sized so I can sit sideways and hang my feet over the side. Or curl up in it with a good book and a blanket. 

I have decided that you know you are an adult when you get exciting about purchasing anyone of the following:

new car
building a home
new furniture
new appliances
new light fixtures/ceiling fans
new back porch furniture
new rugs

See, I told adult happiness!

And now I'm off to curl up with a blanket and a book in my new leather power recliner, because I'm fancy like that.

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