Monday, August 19, 2013

So long summer, you will be missed

Well it's the last week of summer here and I really had planned on blogging more since we were all out of school but to be honest, the lazy days just kinda took over. 

Don't get me wrong we were busy with our normal summer things, like VBS and multiple visit to the dentist, and trips to the lake, church camp, grandparent camp and back to school shopping but other than that I just spent some great time with my people.

We went shopping a few weekends ago for back to school clothes for the boys and Hubs. He is moving from the elementary school teaching position he has had for the past 17 years to the high school to be the technology coordinator. He's excited and I'm excited for him.  Anyway, the boys got some great stuff and they should be set until at least Christmas, I hope. 

And not only are boys beginning school again, I am as well. Y'all know I went back the past year was good considering I hadn't taken a class in almost thirteen years. This semester I decided to load up and take two courses instead of just one. One of them is the second have of a class I took last semester. It's pretty reading and writing intensive so we will see how this all plays out with the other class I'm taking.

With the start of school come football season. R1 has been practicing most of the summer and his first game is in a few weeks. I'm ready to cheer him on and to take some pictures with the new camera I bought over Christmas. It takes awesome pictures. 

And with that I'll leave with a few pictures of our summer. 



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Mari said...

Summer has gone by far too quickly! I enjoyed the pictures.