Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh the things going on here and running around in my head

So where do I start? The things going on around here or the things running around in my brain. I think I'll start with what's going on. 

Friday afternoon we hit the grocery store, all four of us. And one hour later we walked out a $361.00 poorer. The only part of that trip that did not involve food was the new binder R1 found, thank goodness, it was thirteen dollars. Tide laundry detergent because it's cheaper at HEB than at Target, toilet paper and paper towels. So $40.00 of that $361.00 were either school supplies or house staples. And lets be honest, $321.00 on food for one week, that's right, one week is crazy! I guess that's what happens when you let everything run out and it's the weekend before school starts. 

We spent the better part of Saturday shopping for new tennis shoes for both boys. Football cleats for R1, how that boy went from a size 8.5 last year to a 10.5 this year I'll never know. A few new shirts for Hubs, and a pair of nude flats for me. But before the shopping trip took place I went to breakfast with the girls and then went for pedicures. 

This is my new favorite color.
It's what I had my toes done in on Saturday. And yes, it's that shiny.

Any way back to the things that are running around in my head. Tomorrow is first day of school. The boys backpacks are packed and ready. Lunches are made and ready to be put in their backpacks tomorrow. Clothes are laid out and ready to be put on. 

I'm ready for school too. My books are purchased and sitting on the table waiting to be read. Hubs is ready too. 

So now I pray that my boys, all three of them have an amazing school year. I pray they are kept safe each and every day. I pray for strength for each teacher as they guide not only my boys but all of the other children into the future. And I am praying for an awesome school year for all. 


Mari said...

I really like that color!
Hope school goes well for the boys.

Unknown said...

love the color...too conservative to wear it myself, will have to live vicariously through you. lol

{amy} said...

You sure did have a lot going on! I've let a bunch of things run out, too, and I'm dreading the next grocery trip!