Monday, July 22, 2013

Sweet Summer Days

Sorry I haven't been here much but we have been enjoying our summer days. 

This past week R1 had summer camp for a week and while he was gone, R2 had grandparent camp. This left Hubs and I with a situation that hardly every happens, no children. We never seem to, for lack of a better term, get rid of both kids at the same time. So anyway, we were without the boys for few days. We had big plans to go to Houston and do some shopping and a few other things. But when the first day was upon us, I changed my mind and decided staying home and relaxing sounded better. 

I have to say while I missed the boys it was a great few days. I don't think we even turned on the TV. I can honestly say it was a Nickelodeon and Family Chanel free few days. 

On Friday, R1 came home from camp and when we picked him up, we literally came back home for all of five minutes and loaded up Cookie, our dog, and the our luggage and left for the lake. R1 wasn't all that excited to realize he wouldn't be able to sleep in his bed for another three days. You know after you've been gone for any length of time there is nothing better than returning and being able to sleep in your own comfy bed. 

Never the less we headed up to the lake for a few days of fun in the sun. R2 was so excited to see us and couldn't run into my arms fast enough. 

We spent the next three days swimming, fishing, riding around in the golf cart, and eating way to much food.

So now we are home, at little sun burned, freshly bathed, and watching the DVD Wreck It Ralph because while we were gone, a nice thunderstorm came through and knocked out our satellite dish. So Hubs called them and they will be out sometime tomorrow between noon and five o'clock. Because nothing says efficiency like "We go to lunch from twelve to one and oh we can be there in a five hour time frame." 

But at least we get to sleep in our own nice comfy beds.

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