Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summertime In Full Effect

Yep, it's been almost a month since I last blogged. I was really hoping that with school out for all of us that I would blog more. Clearly this hasn't happened. 

As soon as school was out the boys began what I call the round of the camps. Baseball camp, basketball camp, grandparent camp, reading camp, well not reading camp but R2 has tutoring once a week to make sure he doesn't fall behind during summer due to his Dyslexia. R1 also had a few trips with the youth department at church not to mention he has summer work outs for football season every day. 

Then somewhere in all of that my sweet friend Beth lost her mother. She had been sick and it was to be expected but that still doesn't lessen the hurt from the loss. Beth had been running back and forth about the last two weeks of school to her childhood home, an hour away. And once school let out she pretty much stayed there for another 2 1/2 weeks. When her mother took a turn for the worst I began sending her daily text messages with bible verses about faith, love, healing, encouragement, hope and strength. More often than not the verse I had chosen for her that day was just what she needed to get her through. And while the passing of her mother has been hard we both know that she is with her Lord, Jesus Christ and she is healed and we will see her once again. Also her sister in law and I decided that she needed to just relax when she finally came home so we cleaned her house. Her husband was in on the secret and she had no idea. Beth text me the day she got home. She said she cried when she walked in the door and saw the house. 

There is a funny story that goes some where in that last paragraph but I'm going to make it a post all it's own. 

R1 was supposed to go on the first of two mission trips with our youth to Mission Arlington, but he came down with a viral infection and was running a 103.0 fever. The day before they were supposed to leave I took him to the doctor and when the doctor checked him out, he wasn't running a fever. However I still wasn't comfortable sending him five hours away in case he had a relapse. And thank goodness my mother's intuition kicked in because sure enough, around 9pm he began running fever again. No mission trip for him. He wasn't to happy with me but he got over it when he found out the room that boys group was staying in did not have any A/C. 

So as you can see we've been very busy with summer activities and I hope all of you are having a great summer too!

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{amy} said...

My kiddos have been super busy this summer, too! I'm sorry to hear about your friend losing her mother. I love when God gives us the words/scripture to say! We've been to Mission Arlington with our students a couple of times. Too bad R1 couldn't go, but I'm glad you were cautious!