Monday, March 25, 2013

There's been a ton of stuff going on

Hi there, nice to see you. I used to write here once upon a time. But lately I've been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. 

And just to let you know how busy I've been here is what I did this weekend. Get ready it's gonna be a long one. Just kidding. Not really I'm making up for lost time.

R2 had a ball game at 9am on Saturday and we had to be at the ball park by 8:30. But before my alarm even went off, R2 came into my bedroom at 6:30 and said he was sticky. So all bleary eyed I told him to go wash his hands. He spent the next 5 minutes in the bathroom scrubbing his hands as I lay there trying to figure out how and why he is sticky. Then it hits me...GUM! Yep gum. He feel asleep with gum in his mouth. Which I didn't know he had. So it was all over his face, neck, hair, shirt, and his sheets. So he and I head off to the kitchen and I plop him down on the kitchen counter. I then proceed to put ice cubes on his shirt and his sheets. And while that is freezing, I'm slathering R2's face in peanut butter. Lets just say this, R2's skin has never been so shiny, my hands were frozen for about an hour, and all of the gum came out of the shirt and sheets.

So back to what I was doing this weekend. We made it to the ballpark and watched R2 and his team. They lost but it was a good game and R2 made two great plays that resulted in two outs. 

After the game we went out to eat because my dad came to watch and R1 didn't have to be there until 12:30 for his one o'clock game. We took my dad to this hamburger place that is set up like an old diner. The food is delicious and atmosphere is great. Not to mention the hamburgers are really really good!

We got back to the ballpark just as R1's team began to warm up. R1 had a good sold hit during his game. They won and are still undefeated. His game didn't end until 3:00. We had to rush home so I could change clothes, fix my hair and freshen up my makeup so I could go watch my niece dance. Only problem was the major interstate was under some construction and it was backed up for about 3 hours. So I was going to go the back way. But it was raining so heavy and I have never been the back way (small off the beaten path roads that were very curvy according to Hubs who has been down those roads) So I wasn't to comfortable and I ended up not going. So instead I went to the mall to find the boys their Easter shirts and me some new make up that I have been hearing about. So here is the make up I bought. Urban Decay, Naked Basics. It's awesome! I had to hardly use any on my brush for the desired effect. 
And here is the shirt I purchased.

We are all going to look great!

So I was on my way home and hubs called and said hey don't forget we need breakfast stuff because we are cooking for the youth at church in the morning. C-R-A-P! I had just turned into our neighborhood. So I go home and unload. Get my HEB list together and head back out. And since I figured I was going to HEB to get eggs, bacon, biscuits, and Sunny D, I might as well get some food for the week. And stuff from the Easter Bunny for the boys, and stuff for R2's class party, and stuff for the big Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday. So almost two hours later I was heading home. I think I ended up with more Sour Patch Jellybeans and hollow chocolate rabbits than I did real food, such as bread, milk, BLT chips, and oranges. By this time it was 8:30 at night and it didn't take long for me to fall asleep once the insomnia decided it was board by me counting Sour Patch Jellybeans. 

So fast forward to Sunday morning. Hubs gets up and heads up to church to cook breakfast. He did a great job!! My job was to clean up, which was fairly easy. After church we came home ate lunch, and then Hubs and I tagged teamed. R2 had a birthday party and R1 had a youth function at church that I was asked to help out with.  So once again we were hardly home. 

Finally got home around 7pm and decided I need to do some laundry because we were out of towels and jeans. I would say shirts and underwear but that will never happen as each child owns about 50 shirts and at least that many pairs of undergarments. I know, I know TMI. Sorry. So now we will all have clean clothes for a while. 

And that's pretty much my weekend. 

Oh and because I was so busy telling y'all everything I did this weekend I didn't get to mention this. Hubs got a new job! I'm so proud of him. when the new school years starts in August he will be the new technology coordinator at the high school for the district he currently works for. He signed his new contract Friday. I am over the top excited!!! Oh and I to have a new job too. I will be still be working for the University but in a different department. I on the other hand am a bit nervous but only because it's something new and I haven't done this type of job before, but everything in the job is stuff that I did when I worked at Texas Fire. 

So between that news for both of us this past week and then all of the stuff over the weekend, I am one tired mama.  

Y'all have a great Monday!

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{amy} said...

Wow, you DO have a bunch of stuff going on! Congrats on the new jobs! I'm sure y'all will both do great! I understand those weekends when everyone is going in different directions. This is a little different, but not a single family member of mine sat with each other at church yesterday! Elly always sits with her friends, so that's normal. But I did the scripture reading, and when I was done I discovered that Cody was with my friend in the middle of their row. I wasn't going to squeeze past everyone to sit with him, so I sat on the back row. Chris didn't see me when he finished playing bass, so he went and sat with Jana's family. I hope nobody thought we were in a fight! ;)