Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yep it's strep

Well Saturday was opening day at the ballpark. Whoop!

We were there from 10:00am until around 7:00pm. And I will say this, while I love baseball and I enjoy being at the park, it was FREEZING COLD and SO DANG WINDY! I had on a jacket, gloves, a short slevee shirt, a long sleeve shirt, and a scarf and I was still cold. 

And because that's just how we roll in S.E. Texas, some of us even had our portable propane heaters out at the ballpark. I can honestly say I did not have a portable propane because I do not own one but if I did I would have had it out. Just sayin'.

Sunday morning we all got up and went to church and then afterwards went out to lunch with some friends. While we were waiting for our food, R2 came and climbed into my lap and just sat there. I knew it was going to go down hill from there. He never climbs into my lap just to sit. Maybe a hug or a kiss in split second he's gone but hardly ever does he just camp out in my lap. 

By time we got home I knew he was running fever. So I left the boys with Hubs and took off for HEB in search of all things related to being sick. Motrin, Tylenol, Sprite, crackers, bananas, Gatorade, Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, oranges, and Sour Patch Kids. Please don't judge, just go with it. 

So I loaded R2 up on every over the counter sick medicine known to man and waited till Monday morning when I could call the pediatrician for a sick appointment. And by the time Monday morning rolled around R2's fever was at an all time high of 101.6. 

I called the office as soon as they opened and made said appointment for the first one available, 11:00am. RealIy??? I called as soon as they opened and they answered the phone and the first available appointment of the day was 11:00am. And by the look of the sick waiting room when we arrived some of those people must have a standing appointment. 

It wasn't long before we were called back and did the normal pre-visit routine. Weight, temperature, and exactly why are you here? Dr. H came in not to long after that and had the nurse come in with him to do a throat swab. R2 wasn't having any part of that and did his best to get out of it, but the nurse got the best of him and 3 minutes later we had our diagnoses...POSITIVE FOR STREP!

One thing I love about our pediatrician, they fax your prescription(s) into the pharmacy of your choice so you don't have to wait nearly as long as you would if you had to drop them off. R2 was hungry and we had sometime to kill before we went to pick up his prescriptions. So I drove us through McDonald's for two large french fries and two medium Sprites. Nothing will make you feel better when you're sick faster than some McDonald's french fries. 

When we got home R2 and I piled on the couch and watched movies and snuggled and he took several naps during the day. And even though he's was sick and I hate it when the boys are sick, I sure do enjoy a little snuggle time.

***update*** Wednesday morning: My apologies to anyone who read this before I had to correct all of my spelling and grammar mistakes. Guess that's what happens when you try to write a post when you are sleep deprived and you keep nodding off while typing. Oh and R2 is doing much better today. No fever so he went to school.

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{amy} said...

I don't know how many times I've gone back & read a post full of typos! :/ I've already said this to you, but I'm glad he's feeling better now! I hope this weekend isn't as windy as last weekend! It has been crazy here, too!