Friday, February 15, 2013

The road less traveled

I have a friend who lost her husband sixteen months ago. They had been married just over one year before Wes passed away. She is now raising their son, and doing a fabulous job.

Stella is one of the strongest women I know. She has accomplished so must in her life since Wes' passing.

She bought a house. Purchased a brand new car. Gone back to graduate school. And like I said earlier she is raising their son Trent.

She started a blog a while back. Just somewhere to write down her thoughts and help her navigate through this new stage of life.

The Road Less Traveled

She wrote a post on February 12th that just touched my heart. I actually ripped right through it and brought me to the brink of tears. I as much as I hate for her to be in pain, I know this is a process for her and not an easy one. I know she has good days, bad days, and really terrible days.

So if y'all don't mind just say a quick prayer for her.

And Stella, I am in awe of your strength and your ability to continue to function on a daily basis. You are loved by so many. And we will continue to pray for you and Trent each and every day.

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{amy} said...

Praying for Stella. I want to read her post, but I'm sure I'll cry! I'll probably read it thanks in advance (that was in sarcastic font, in case you couldn't tell!) ;)