Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I didn't blog. Can we say epic fail? I my defense I didn't say I would, I said I might. I really had every intention of blogging but other stuff just kept getting in the way.

I would love to say that in my extended absence I have been on a fabulous adventure. Well actually motherhood is an adventure and it really depends on whether your kid is sick or not which translates into they are laying on the couch with a trash can by them just in case they feel need to throw up and the bathroom is to far away. Oh and no the boys are sick that random thought just popped in my head.

OK say a prayer they don't get sick.

Anyway, things have been moving right along here. We have begun baseball season. Insert BIG SMILE!! Right now we are still trying to schedule practices because all it has done for the past 2 weeks is RAIN, but I'm not bitter about it really. All this really translates into we get to eat good home cooked nutritious meals for a few days longer. But I'm sure the corn dogs, french fries, chicken strips, and popsicles will come in due time.

And school for me is going. I will be honest, I'm not really liking the class I am taking right now. I loved my last one and I know it's wrong to keep comparing them because hello we are talking about American Lit and Government. And Government and I are not meshing very well.

I was siting at the computer over the weekend working on my assignment and I went to post it to our discussion board and the the system told me to log in. Well I thought I was already logged in or how else would I be posting in my discussion board? But I clicked OK and proceeded to log in again. And then it happened. I lost EVERYTHING. I remember slamming the top of the laptop down, walking away and then the ensuing meltdown occurred. It took me almost an hour to formulate a coherent thought. How is the H-E- double hockey sticks was I going to type all that over again. So after much screaming and running around the house yelling at the computer again and then sending Hubs and the boys to Academy, which by the way I vaguely remember telling them to go there and then locking myself in the bedroom, I began to type away another post. I came out to ask Hubs a question and they were gone. I was like where did they go? Did the second coming happen and I was truly left behind. Then I remembered telling them to get out and they for once took me serious and left. So I ended up finishing my homework just as they were coming back home.

And that is what we have been up to. Oh and planning our vacation. It's never to early to start when there will be 10 of us going. I can't really tell y'all anything other than it's a place where dreams come true and some kind of magic happens when a cute mouse appears with his entourage to open the park for the day. But lets just say this...I'M EXCITED!! I think even more so than the kids.


Brooke said...

even your vacation sounds hectic!!!

{amy} said...

I'm sorry you're not enjoying your class. Just remember: And it came to pass... ;) I hope it gets better. Your vacation will be here before you know it! I want to take the kids there sometime!! How fun!