Monday, December 10, 2012

Calvin & Hobbes

Yeah, I know I've been gone and haven't blog in a while. I'm sorry but please see my previous post.

School is over, and while all of the exams are graded and by the way my last exam...I made an A, I'm still waiting for my research paper to be graded. And if I don't totally bomb my research paper I should have a B for my final grade. WHOOP!

And speaking of... Congratulations to Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M on winning the Heisman Trophy on Saturday. He is also the first Freshman to ever to win this award. WHOOP!

So since my brain is still fried, obviously I just blogged about football and you all know how I feel about football, I thought I post a few of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes snow cartons. 


Mari said...

I love Calvin! Wish he was still being published.

Brooke said...

good luck with your grade! how long until you find out how you did?

{amy} said...

Congrats on the exam grade!! How 'bout that Johnny Football?! Some of my students want to marry him. Calvin & Hobbes are funny! :)