Monday, November 26, 2012


Life, that is what's happening around here right. 

I don't usually write something profound. Heck I don't even write regularly anymore. What I am writing right now is a research paper that is due in three weeks. 

Since going back to school I'm also reading a ton of American literature. And that's OK, I'm enjoying it. 

Life has taken over.  

Not just the extra stuff such as football and basketball. The weekly tutoring sessions. Not the extra projects at work that have kept me busier than normal, and not the Black Friday Shopping but the every day stuff that happens.

The laundry and cleaning the house, which with four people seem to be never ending. The homework and cooking dinner. The going to the grocery store. All the things that happen to make sure our household runs smoothly. And then there are the little things thrown in here and there to just add to our life. Such as a last minute birthday party, someone gets sick, or a major appliance breaks. 

See life is happening over here. And with all of the everyday stuff going on when we get the chance to have some family time I jump on it. Although I don't know if the boys going to see Wreck It Ralph while I went to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 with the girls counts as family time. But we did ride to and from the movie theater together. 

Life is happening and I don't want to miss a thing. I feel like I'm already missing out on things because of school. I miss bedtime prayers with the boys. I miss night time snuggles with them. I miss sitting and talking to Hubs after the boys have gone to bed. I miss watching our favorite TV shows together.

I guess what I'm trying to say but also trying to avoid is this.

I mentioned when started school that this blog might be affected and quit frankly it's pretty much been put to the back burner. Don't get me wrong. While I love to write and read your posts. Along with reading your comments and me leaving you comments I just don't have the time. So if I disappear for longer than a week please don't be offended. 

Life is happening.


Mari said...

Life is more important!

{amy} said...

I understand! I haven't been blogging as much lately, either. No worries!

Unknown said...

The blog will be here. Take care of you first.
I know as I am in school too and only have one child. Whew!