Monday, November 12, 2012

The cleanest toilet on the block

A few weeks ago a friend on Facebook posted about a new punishment for her children and I thought it was brilliant and would give it a try. 

She said if her kids back talked her or argued with her or were just ugly to their siblings they would have to clean the toilet and maybe the entire bathroom. 

Well I jumped on this because I live with three boys. And three boys and the bathroom...lets just stop there you get the picture. 

So Hubs and I talked and agreed it sounded like a great punishment. We sat the boys down and told them of the new rule. To be honest, they were kinda shocked by what we just said. Basically a dirty mouth equals a clean bathroom. 

The boys did great for the first few days and then the niceness began to wear off. And lets just say I was reaping the benefits. It seemed that everyday for a while one of them was in there wiping down the toilet with the Clorox Wipes.

I know this doesn't say much for the boys and their dirty mouths. But what I really mean by dirty mouth is no backing talking to me or Hubs. No telling each other to "shut up" and no name calling. When asked to do something, do it with no lip.

The "fun" of cleaning the toilet only lasted about 8.7 seconds before the arguing started and then it turned into cleaning the bathroom. Lets just say that when we cleaned the house Saturday and the argue starting the boys thought they were scott free because I had just cleaned the bathrooms. 

Boy were they wrong. 

They then had to dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum. So not only do I now have the cleanest toilet on the block but I now have a clean house to go with it. 

As much as I want them to stop having a dirty mouth I sure am loving the cleanness.

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Mari said...

I think this is a great idea! If only I had heard about it when my kids were still home. :)