Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Norton Anthology

So my first official class day is tomorrow but my instructors have already put up the first two weeks assignments.

And being the over achiever that I am, I dove in head first. My book, The Norton Anthology American Literature is 3,027 pages. Yep not kidding.


And so far I've got two assignments this week and the first is to read fifteen pages. But let me tell you those were the longest fifteen pages EVER!! I swear I felt like I had more of a history lesson than a lesson in American Literature. Names and dates and time frames. Blech! History was not my strongest subject.

So I made though the first fifteen pages and I have another assignment tomorrow of about fifteen more pages.

The whole point to this is this, I might me MIA. I really want to to do well with class. I've set the expectation bar high for myself. Which means everything else will take a backseat. Quite possibly even clean clothes and food in the pantry will take a direct hit. Just kidding. Not really.

So if I'm gone you'll know I'm knee deep in American Lit. And who knows maybe Hubs might high jack this old blog to let you know I'm reading an adventure about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed the ocean blue in 1492. See told you more of history lesson.

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{amy} said...

Oh joy! I hope it gets better, because I'd hate to read over 3,000 pages of BORING! You can do it!!