Monday, September 17, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

Last week was a bit crazy around here.

Let me start off with the bad, I bombed a quiz. I should have known better than to begin it when I wasn't completely prepared and it showed. While I'm mad at myself I knew at some point this might happened. The good thing is it's early in the semester and I have time to bring my grade up.

R1's first football game was supposed to be on Thursday but it rained all day and it was still raining when school let out so they canceled the game. The good news is my dad and both of my in-laws will be there for this Thursday's game. Which is also our homecoming and it's also Hub's and I anniversary.

I have a dear friend who had some testing done early last week and facing possible surgery some time this week. Her faith in God has been so strong but this week has been rough on her. So if you don't mind please say a prayer for her.

And I will leave you with snippet of a conversation that took place between Hubs and R2 during the Texans vs. Jaguars game on Sunday...
R2: Dad, you know he can't hear you.

I love that kid!

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