Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lighting up the new year, thanks Home Depot

So our fluorescent lighting in the kitchen has been giving us some trouble for a while. We have tried to make do but I finally had enough and broke down and went in search of some new lights.

Lowe's sucks stinks!

Just thought I would throw that out there first thing.

But Home Depot is AWESOME!! (and not they aren't paying me for this endorsement but if they want to throw gift card my way I wouldn't turn it down.)

And now I guess you can tell where I purchased our new lighting. I have been in that store three times in the past two days and each and every time I went in, someone greeted me, offered to help me and even went above and beyond.

The other store, not so much. I walked in and was greeted and that is where the nice service ended. The boys and I stood on the lighting aisle and a worker walked past us not once but twice and never asked if we needed anything or if he could help us. And when I finally had to go and hunt him back down, he grunted. GRUNTED. I asked him if they had any more of a certain style light available and even asked him to check the stock above. I told him EXACTLY what I wanted and he kept telling the wrong information. He even told me one of the lights I was looking at was for residential use and when I pointed out that the box clearly stated commercial, he grunted again. I had to ask him point blank if they had any of the lights I wanted and he finally said I guess not.

Why I even thanked him for his help was beyond me. I grabbed the boys hands and off to Home Depot we went.

When we straight to the lighting aisle and as soon as I got there I saw a lady and asked her for help, she immediately got on the intercom and ask someone to come help me. That some one was a wonderful employee named, Eric. He was so helpful. He answered all of my questions and even offered numerous tips on installation and other factors about residential and commercial. I was impressed. He even offered to load the light into my cart but I told him I need to call my husband first. He said when I was ready to let him know and he would help me.

While on the phone with Hubs another wonderful employee came over and asked if everything was alright and did I need help. I told him I was OK and was just comparing prices to the crappy other store while on the phone. He then told me he would match the other stores price. Sold. I asked him to load up the light and lets go check out. I also went over to the next aisle and thanked Eric for helping me.

The gentleman walked me up to the register and rang me up himself. And he not only matched the price but took another three dollars off. NICE! And after that he walked me out to my car and loaded the light up for me. I thanked him several times and the boys and I were on our way. The only regret I had was not asking him for his name. The name section on his apron was covered by a pin with at least two dozen service awards pins. And I personally think he deserves another.

Hubs installed the light over the weekend and it works and looks wonderful. But the edges of the the new fixture are just a little smaller than the old one. So back to Home Depot I went to see if they sold some kind of trim kit. Again I was greeted and helped immediately. The store didn't sell a trim kit but I knew Hubs could make one of molding. And when I mentioned this to the salesman, he said he was just going to tell me about that and he even walked me over to the molding section and pointed out several options. And when I went in search of finishing nails the salesman on that aisle was just as helpful as all of the others.

Once Hubs and his dad get the molding cut and nailed up, I'll show you a picture.

But the bottom line is this: I will be shopping at Home Depot exclusively from now. They had the best customer service, the most knowledgeable employees, and a great selection of in stock items.

Thanks Home Depot, YOU ROCK!

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{amy} said...

I had a great experience with them last month. I even mentioned Justin (the guy who helped me) in my thankful post that week! :) Their customer service really is so much better!