Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr Winter where are you

OK it's middle of January and we have temperatures in the mid 70's. 


I'm over this heat. I want it cold. 

Not a freezing, below zero for weeks on end cold but I would like say 40's-60's and no rain and lots of sunshine.

That's not to much to ask?

This mild winter can only mean one thing...a very hot summer. 




Mari said...

Mr Winter is in West Michigan. 13 inches of snow last week and temps in the single digits coming this week. Maybe we could share a little!

Brooke said...

he can't make up his mind around here. in the 60s yesterday. today in the 30s. makes for a rough switch!

{amy} said...

I know right! I made a scarf, & I want to wear it! For a brief amount of time, at least!