Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh the craziness has begun

I think we all feel the so called Christmas crunch this time of year. Where our calendar becomes so full of things to do and we get so busy we begin to feel the season slipping away from us.

I always try my best to limit my commits and what I say yes to, but this year it seems as if things just keep coming at me. And I know this weekend was just the beginning.

It seems 24 hours each day just wasn't enough. Saturday felt as if I just ran from here to there. For some reason I woke up right at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. So after an hour of tossing and turning, I got up and got dressed and then went and got donuts for breakfast. R1 had a friend spend the night Friday night and I figured quick and easy would be the best way go. R2 spent the night at a friends house Friday night and he needed to be picked up by 11am.

Then Beth and I had to go and buy all of the supplies for the Taste of Christmas at our church next weekend. We spent the rest of the afternoon going to Sams, Party City, Hobby Lobby, and the Dollar Store. I kinda felt a flash back from last weekend as we spent the entire day shopping on Black Friday.

I didn't walk in the door until 5:30 and I still hadn't even been to HEB. Once again I took the easy way, and we went out to dinner and then as a family went to HEB. *Note to self, go grocery shopping when you are full, nothing sounds good, and you only get what is on your list.*

Sunday was more of the same busy schedule. Church, birthday party, Christmas musical rehearsal, set up tables for Taste of Christmas after church, and then dinner some where in there.

Oh and did I tell you we got some rain. It was close to 3 inches. the sound of the rain Sunday morning was simply wonderful.

This week will be more of the same as I have several things to do during the week. Friday night is dress rehearsal for our Christmas musical. Saturday early afternoon we are having Christmas with my family and then it's the first night of the musical. Sunday is the second performance, and the following Hubs graduates with masters degree. (more on that later) and after graduation we are going out to lunch and the Hubs' side of the family is coming back to our house to have Christmas.

See I told you, the craziness has begun. sigh......

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{amy} said...

Wow! It really has begun! I'm not quite to that point yet ~ things have been spaced apart somewhat up to this point! Next week is a bit crazy, though!