Friday, December 23, 2011

The Bobbleheads

OK, I know I said I wasn't going to be on here everyday but I had to post this.

My cousin purchased something for the boys for Christmas.

Here it is...
It's a bobble head doll in each of the boys likeness. And while I think R2's is a bit off, R1's is dead on. It looks just like him.

And I think they are kinda cool.

Funny thing on Wednesday, FedEx called and said they had a package to deliver and it had to be signed for. They told Hubs it was coming from China. When I asked Hubs where it was from he didn't know. I told him to call them back and ask. So he did.

When Hubs' called FedEx he asked them where it was coming from and what it was. They told him it was something for R1 and R2 and it came from a bobble head company.

Once Hubs' told me this, it make perfect sense. My cousin had told me she had ordered these dolls for the boys for Christmas.

And I have to say they we all loved them.


Mari said...

What a great gift! They turned out so cute!

{amy} said...

Oh wow! How cute!! R1's really does look like him! R2's is so tall that it throws me off a little!

Robin said...

Where did she get these made?

Unknown said...

So much fun! I LOVE it : )