Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My son the comedian

While the boys were Branson, my in-laws took them to see several different shows.

The main one being the musical “Noah” which they said was great! R2 sat and watched the entire thing and at the end of each act, he would clap and cheer like everyone else.

Another place they went was to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Which they both said was AWESOME!

But I think the funniest moment came when they went to the Oakridge Boys Theater and were waiting for the show to start and a comedian came out to pass the time.

The comedian starting asking the audience where they were from and of course my family shouts TEXAS! And the made some small talk about Texas and moved on.

I guess R2 wasn’t done telling him about Texas because he asked the comedian if he wanted a knuckle sandwich. At this point my mother in law pulls R2 into her lap and covers his mouth with her hand.

Of course the comedian eats this up and makes a smart aleck comment about you know you’re bad when...

After my mother in law talks to R2 and tells him it’s not polite to talk like that and he shouldn’t do it again she takes her hand off of his mouth.

But I guess R2 still had a few things to tell the comedian. He then comes back with…

“I’m about to make a delivery!” to which the comedian just left well enough alone and moved on to another person in the audience to poke fun at.

All I can say is I guess you shouldn’t mess with a five year old who thinks he is funnier than you.

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{amy} said...

How funny! In my opinion, most little boys are funnier than most comedians {& usually not so vulgar!}