Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grandparent trip

So I have the best in-laws ever!!! But sometimes I question their sanity.

They are taking my boys and my niece and nephew on a mini trip for the weekend. An 11hr one way road trip. With a 12yr old, two 10 yr olds, and a 5yr old.

I'm asking for prayers as they travel, see what they are supposed to see, and then return home.

I would tell you where they are going but then I would have to kill you. I can tell you they are traveling out of the great state of Texas. And to be honest my OCD is kind of in overdrive.

I have given the boys countless lectures over the past few days about staying close, stranger danger, and not going to the bathroom alone, do not even act like you are going over the next isle when they are in a store. They are to be glued to my in-laws side.

It's not that I don't trust my in-laws, it's that I don't trust all the crazy nut jobs that roam this great country of ours. The psychos and freaks that need some serious help.

So while you are praying for their travels please pray for me. I'm having a little bit of trouble with this one.

Oh I'll tell you more about their trip when they return home, safe and sound!


{amy} said...

Praying for a safe trip! & for Mama Bear while her cubs are away!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

They will have a great time and make wonderful memories that they will remember will worry yourself silly til' they get's just how us mother's roll!

Your in-laws are Saints!!!

Lou Cinda :)

cfoxes33 said...

Sorry I haven't been around. Sounds like a you may have a nice weekend without the kiddos. But prayers are going up for all of them.

Unknown said...

This made me laugh and laugh. I am glad I already know they are home safe and sound!