Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer and I'm a winner

First I owe a huge THANK YOU to Boo Mama!

I was one of the winners of the Travis Cottrell Live CD give away she had.

One word...AMAZING!!!

I love it! I have been listening every chance I get. And if you haven't heard it, go out and buy the CD, it will not disappoint.

It's summer time and for the first time since high school, and that's a long time ago, I find my self not employed.

And I have to say I am really enjoying the time with my boys.

We have had some lazy days and some very busy days.

I have also been actively pursing employment and have been pretty busy doing so but I am also taking time out to have some fun.

So while the job search is ongoing, I'm going to do my best to set time aside each week and focus on just them.

Because who knows when I might get the opportunity again. And it has become a precious time with my family.


Anonymous said...

That's right! Enjoy this time!


Brooke said...

congrats on the big win. but also congrats on geting to spend this time with your kids :) its a blessing that most people don't get, even if it did come because of something not so great.

Unknown said...

That is the wonderful thing : ). God gave you this little tiny time to hunt for a better and bigger job and to have some adventures with the boys. I am thankful for your blessings!

And way to go winning. You are a super star : )

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am SO glad you are resting in The Lord and letting Him direct your path and you are enjoying the kidos! :)