Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It happened

You know I'm all about honesty here so I'm just gonna put this out there.

You know I told you all about my job and the the situation.

Well it happened. The end has come.

And know what?

I'm OK.

I think I'm OK.

I loved my job, the old part not the new.

But I also know God shut that door and has opened a new one. I just need to seek it out.

I need to have personal time with God so I can hear him speak and seek His will

I have had several interviews and still have one more this week. And I know Gods hand is all over it.

He brought me much comfort today. He gave me peace and wrapped me in His arms and held me tight.

He told me things are going to be OK, in time, His time.

So here I am again, on my knees, praying, seeking His will.

And again, I am asking for prayers for me.

And thanks, it means the world to know some one, some where is praying you through.


Brooke said...

you got it

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

You got them coming from me too! Job changes are SO HARD! But, this will be a blessing too, it's just the being patient part that is so difficult!

Lou Cinda :)

McElroy Family Happenings said...

All over it....


Beth Cotell said...

I'll be praying for you...and in the meantime a Brownie Batter Blizzard from DQ would really hit the spot!

Unknown said...

I just love your attitude!

Soliloquy said...

Soon, you'll look back and testify to God's Perfect Plan for you!

Excited to see where He leads!!