Friday, May 22, 2009

It's the weekend!

So I took the day off today so I could go hang out with R8 at school for his field day.

I do this every year, go outside in the heat and sweat while I watch him go from activity to activity while he gets hot and sweaty.

But I love watching him and that out weighs the need to take a second shower when I get home.


Saturday we have closing ceremonies for baseball and then we are going to the lake for a long weekend.

So I hope each of you have something wonderful planned with your family!


McElroy Family Happenings said...

I miss the lake.

Brooke said...

sounds like an action packed weekend! :) i remember how fun field day was!! i never won, but it was fun

Unknown said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend at the Lake! Welcome summer, right? I am the worst mom because I never go to field day.