Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I learned something new

I learned a new phrase this past weekend.

I want to know if any of you have ever heard this phrase.

The phrase must be a boy thing.

I laughed so hard when R8 told me what it was and R4 repeated it more than once. And when my dad got in on the action my sides hurt so bad from all the laughing.

The phrase.....I busted a grumpy using my rip stick.

Know what it means?....

Want to know what it means?...

It means...I tooted and it was so loud the it shook the house.

You're welcome, you're very welcome.


Anonymous said...

This post of yours is certainly "filed" in the correct category...boy stuff!

Where do these phrases come from? It's certainly much more creative than "cut the cheese" from our days, isn't it?

Oh, to be the lone woman in a house full of boys. You should definitely be granted a day at the spa from time to time.


Brooke said...

lol!! that's hilarious. and no, i'd never heard it before

The Charm House said...

ok..... This is a different saying! LOL I will have to share it with the "boys" in my family! I would rather hear that instead of I farted!!! LOL
Girl, you never have a dull moment!

Unknown said...

I never heard this before. I don't know if I should tell Kaish or not... : )

Hanley Family said...

Gotta love the descriptive imagery of young boys. And young men. And middle aged men, for that matter.