Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So this past weekend started off nasty!

The weather that is. It rained all night Friday and all day Saturday.

Both baseball games got canceled.

But we did get to attended a birthday party at the bowling alley that we wouldn't be haven able to if Mother Nature hadn't decided to water her spring flowers.

But Sunday was absolutely beautiful.

After church we spent the entire day hanging around outside.

I even managed to catch some sun. Good thing because my legs were almost the same color as the bases at the ballpark.

But what was the most memorable...

Sitting on the back porch with boys boys eating and spitting sunflower seeds.

The three of us pulled our chairs side by side and just hung out.

Cost of two packages of sunflower seeds...$2.14
Cost of cans of coke...$2.00
Hanging out with your boys on a glorious Sunday afternoon...PRICELESS!!!


Brooke said...

i love sunflower seeds - and i feel ya on the pasty leg thing!!

Unknown said...

You are the best Momma : ). I never let Kaishon drink Coke. I really should on special occasions. The child is just SO hyper. I can't imagine him with caffeine. Ay Carumba : )

My legs are so white and pale it would make you wince!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! It was great to see the sun after the torrential rains on Saturday.


Sherry said...

Hey- yea, started my blog a while ago. Wanted to keep up with my kids daily lives and found that was the easiest way. Beside, grandma likes to read about the kids. I agree- the weather was horrible around here too. Hated having to be out in it.

The Charm House said...

:) That's all I have to say about that!
Love you,

Theresa said...

I know too well how quickly times like those pass. I'm glad you are enjoying them.