Thursday, April 16, 2009

I got the picture this time

So y'all remember this post about the SNAKE right?

And remember how Hubs killed it and I forgot to take a picture of the SNAKE?

And how Hubs disposed of it by throwing it in the woods behind our house?

And how he said some animal would come and eat it?

Well guess what, he was wrong! Yes ma'am Hubs was wrong.

The other day R4 and I were walking around the yard, I was actually spraying round up to kill the poison ivy on the fence line that backs up to the woods.

Guess what R4 found in the grass? The DEAD SNAKE!!!

Yes he did and in true great blogger fashion, we both ran into the house, I couldn't leave him out there with a DEAD SNAKE, heavens no, it might come back to life and bite him. But we ran into the house and got the camera.



Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Now, that is a BIG snake! Way big! This story is so funny!! Love it! Now, you have your validation.....a picture of the offending snake!!

He should have gotten out while the getting was good!

Lou Cinda :)

Beth Cotell said...


Do animals really eat dead snakes?

The Charm House said...

So Funny!!!! Girl, you are a hoot!
You want to know about the sofa, then ask her. She is the sweetest. And tell her that you are my friend that is toooo far for a one day trip!
WE have to get together sometime.... maybe at the beach???
Love you,
Tell R8 great play at homeplate!! Brian McCain (catcher for the Atlanta Braves) style~

Brooke said...

blick! :\

Mary said...

Hi R R Mama, I dropped by from Yvette's blog. You had asked about the white cover on my couch. It is a Pottery Barn loose fit slipcover. It is a huge piece of heavy cotton material and you just tuck it in and let the rest hang. It's machine washable too.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! That is crazy! I can not believe this story! That would freak me out like nobody's business : ).