Tuesday, May 29, 2018

He Graduates

May I present to you, our Class of 2018 Senior Graduate, R1. 

I am so proud of this kid! He has accomplished so much in the four short years of high school. This past week has been a flurry of all sorts of events leading up to this day. I will admit that two of those days I was a crying mess. But on this night, not one tear fell. I just kept my eyes on R1 and smiled the entire time. Well, I looked at Hubs to but that was because he was a floor marshal on the same row as R1. Sorry (well I'm not really sorry) for the picture overload that is is about to take place. 

The processional in
Waiting to walk up on stage
The special hand shake with the principal, Mr. B
Receiving his diploma from a wonderful board member who has always supported him
The big bear hug given to the Assistant Principal, aka, Aunt T

The special congratulations dance moment between R1 and Hubs
He did it!
The celebration!
We are so proud of him!
R1 and his church youth leader, Jana
The grandparents
R1 and the BFF. This time he wasn't surprised
R1 and his baseball buddies, Logan and Jack
R1 and Mason, aka the Kings of Kilgore
R2, our future graduate, in 5 years

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