Friday, January 19, 2018

Snowmageddon 2018

In the past month it has snowed here in Southeast Texas three times. Yes you read that correctly, three times.  

It would be safe to say at this point Mother Nature is bi-polar and has clearly been off of her medication for quite some time. 

Saturday the local weathermen started prepping us for the imminent cold weather with don't forget to bring in your pets, cover your pipes and plants, mind you it 70 degrees at the time. But by Monday evening schools were announcing closures because the icepocalyspe was upon us. 

It did not get above freezing on Tuesday and it snowed here for hours. We only received about an inch or two but it was so pretty coming down. I will admit I was mesmerized as I stood by the window and watch the huge snowflakes fall to the ground.

 There is just something about snowflakes that I love.

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