Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New House and the Great Snow of 2017

So after Hurricane Harvey decided to dump 7ft of water in our house Hubs and I began talking about what we wanted to do regarding our rebuild. 

If you remember, Hurricane Ike in 2008 put three trees in our house so we remodeled then. Our neighborhood flooded in 1994 and Hubs grew up in our neighborhood and he was just finishing up college and still lived at home so he helped his parents remodel the home where he grew up.

After the shock wore off we began to discuss our options. Neither one of us wanted to rebuild our home. We wanted to sell it as is and move. We also had flood insurance so we formulated a plan. 

We were able to sell our flooded and gutted home. And because we owned that home the money from that sale was ours. We used our insurance money to put down a nice big chunk of change on a brand new construction home that we had fallen in love with. As it so happened the house was only two weeks away from being complete when we found it. We immediately put a contract on the house and began the month long waiting period that is better knows as gather every piece of financial information you can find for the past 1000 years and send it all to the mortgage company.  

December 7 that house became ours. In the days leading up to the closing Hubs and I furiously began purchasing items we lost. While it should have been fun it actually was overwhelming. We started by purchasing the necessities. Three beds and three sets mattresses, four nightstands, bedding for all three beds,  a refrigerator,  washing machine and dryer, a couch, new end tables, two new chairs, a dining room table with chairs, shower curtain for the boys bathroom, and towels for all of us. 

Oh and that is the short list. Imagine trying to replace every single item in your kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, bathroom and beyond in a matter of three days. See, overwhelming. 

But the good news is we did it.

Thursday, December 7, 2017 was our first night in our brand new home. And this is we woke up to on Friday morning, the great snow storm of 2017. In my defense 4 inches is a snow storm in Southeast Texas. 

So pretty!

Want to know the last time it snowed in Southeast Texas, the year Hurricane Ike hit. Mother Nature sure does have a sense of humor.


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