Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Having Grace

Recently we lost our house due to Hurricane Harvey. This particular storm sat on top of Southeast Texas and dumped more than 50 inches of rain in a span of 5 days. That is a years worth of rain in 5 days.  

Let your brain wrap around that one. 

This storm ended up putting 6 feet 9 inches of water inside my home and 7 feet 5 inches outside. So needless to say we are not currently living in our home. 

We are currently living with a family member and while it's not ideal we are trying to make it work. 

Some events unfolded early in the week around our living situation that just about brought me to my breaking point. It was very difficult for me to walk back into this family members home that evening with out being down right ugly. I had to remember my emotions were raw and they would cause me to react. When we did finally see one another after a long day at work and dinner out with my family I dug down deep inside and held a polite but short conversation with her and then I promptly retired to the room we are staying in. 

I realize that she has opened her to us and I am truly grateful for that. Because lets face it, who can afford a mortgage note and apartment rent at the same time. Not to many people. 
I realize that it's just as much an inconvenience for them as it is for us.

It's so hard to see the good when the things around you are so out of control. The good right now is my family is safe and we are all together under one roof, even if it's not our roof.

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I can only imagine how stressful not being in your house is! I hope and pray you can get things repaired quickly and that your living situation is more peaceful in the meantime.