Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello, How Are You

Well hi there!

I am happy to say to that our house has mostly recovered. 

R1 had the shortest case of the flu ever. I am so very thankful for that and I attribute it to an early diagnoses. He started showing symptoms on Saturday, Sunday tested positive for the flu and had a full dose of Tamiflu, Monday ran low temp all day and by Tuesday he was fever free and feeling much better. 

My upper respiratory infection was short lived as well because of early diagnoses. Hubs still has that lingering cough but it's not nearly as bad as it was a few weeks ago and well knock on wood, R2 has remained untouched by all of this sickness. 

In other news we are about to begin high school baseball season in two short weeks. And this makes me one happy girl. I'm so over football season. I think I was probably over it before it even started. And Spring Training for MLB begins February 13th with pitchers and catchers reporting. Yep, baseball season is here!

And now I'm off to purchase my supply of dill pickle sunflower seeds for the upcoming baseball season. 

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